These Two Boys Built the Most Advance Model Rocket Ever!

In local news, two young boys in the area have achieved the unimaginable by building their own functioning model rocket, with specifications and flight power rivaling that of the professional standard. Last Tuesday in a small backyard in the suburbs, two boys who will remain nameless for privacy reasons managed to put together a technical feat using household materials combined with a high-quality drone. With no assistance from parents, the two boys have managed to surprise everyone with their apparent intuition when it comes to engineering and mechanics. By creating a functional model rocket and implementing technology that is already available on the market the boys in question are sure to be attracting the attention of some big names in the engineering world.

A Bright Future

The future of the boys responsible for building the advanced rocket is said to be very bright, by showing such a strong grasp on the concepts behind both physics and engineering is amazing when their young age is taken into consideration. The fact that some of the most advanced technology and engineering concepts have been handled in such a knowledgeable manner just goes to show how intelligent these young minds are, and it is said that the parents are overjoyed with all of the positive attention and encouragement the boys have received.


The two boys are very local to this area in a family that plays a huge part in the community, the technological feat that the two boys achieved has brought our community a lot of attention with visitors from many high profile corporations visiting their homes to speak to the boys. It has not yet been confirmed the details of said discussions but who knows what is possible and what is in store for them.


How Did They Do It?

Although not much information has been disclosed in regards to the aftermath of the discovery, we do have an exclusive statement coming from the boy’s families. They stated to a member of our team that they honestly had no involvement with what the boys did, they were as surprised as anyone else and they are so proud of what their sons managed to do. It has also been said that the boys used small scale power packs with motors they found in two old travel fans, with some extra pieces added to help streamline the drone and create the rocket shape the boys combined their work with the drone that one of the boys had gotten for Christmas last year. By using their own intuition and general curiousness to improve their drone they have hopefully managed to secure themselves a very bright future.


This very positive story just highlights how rewarding getting up and trying something new really can be, these two boys just wanted to have fun and create something together and yet they managed to show off their talent and attract the attention of some very high profile names in the engineering industry. The company behind the drone has taken to social media commending the boys for their work, calling them two bright minds who have shown their proficiency in design and aerodynamics, also saying when they get older to contact them if they were ever interested in a job.


This story is living proof of the opportunities that are available if you are passionate enough to trust your instinct and show off your talent. All too often do we see people in a slump doing work they don’t enjoy, if these two boys can do it then so can you and you should follow their lead and think about a career you would enjoy.

7 Of The Best Streaming Devices Every Household Needs

Can’t choose which streaming device to buy? Maybe this will help you decide.


Stream Smart Pro

First up is the Stream Smart Pro. The Stream Smart Pro is an Android-based streaming device. The stream pro has 4K HD video that supports the video, audio and photo formats of VC-1, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX, RM, as well as MP3, WMA, AC3, DTS, AAC, FLAC and, finally, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG picture formats. This multi-use interface allows many, if not all, of your devices to connect to the Smart Stream Pro and gives you universal access. This is on top of USB port, HDMI, and SD/MMC card reader connections.

It also allows access and use of YouTube, as well as other WiFi-based services. Furthermore, the remote for the Smart Stream Pro is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. What’s not to love?


Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K has 4K HD definitions, clearly, as well as Dolby Atmos sound which is known for its high quality. The Apple TV 4K gives you access to Apple TV+ where you can watch cutting edge films and series that’s included for a one-year free subscription. The Apple TV 4K also comes with Apple Arcade where you can have access to unique games by Apple, as well as access to the Apple App Store. With the nature of Apple devices, you can connect any other IOS device to the Apple TV 4K with AirPlay and AirDrop. The TV also includes Siri, allowing voice command for the 4K TV, creating easy of use. Like all the other streaming devices you will also have access to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. The TV also comes with the option of 34GB or 64GB of storage, depending on how much you think you’ll use.


Google Chromecast Ultra

The Google Chromecast Ultra also has 4K HD, as well as voice command via “OK Google” and Google operating systems, allowing for wireless interactive ease. The streaming device can interact with, and above, Android 4.2, mAC os x 10.9, iOS 9.1, and Windows 7 operating systems, allowing for almost any device to connect with the system, making it highly sought after. Because of this, it makes the Google Chromecast Ultra one of the best options when looking into streaming devices.


Roku Streaming Stick+

Having the Roku Streaming Stick+ is so simple. Plug the USB with the software on it into your TV and you’re ready to go! However, you will need an Amazon Alexa if you want to enable voice control (which you do, trust me).

The Roku Streaming Stick+ doesn’t just give you access to Roku content (which is more than enough, to begin with!), but with the device, you can also stream Disney+ and Apple TV. With the Roku Streaming Stick+ you can also stream from multiple devices connected to the same WiFi, so you’re not limited to one TV. There are so many pros to getting a Roku Streaming Stick+. The Roku device itself is $78.99, but with the Amazon Alexa to allow voice command control, it comes to $128.98. A bargain!


Roku Ultra (2019)

Another great buy available from the Roku company is the Roku Ultra. Like the Roku Stream Stick+, The Ultra can stream Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Showtime, Google Play, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV, as well as having its own services available. However, where the two devices differ is the Roku Ultra has a processing system that makes it much faster and more speed capable than the Roku Streaming Stick+. While the Streaming Stick+ is great for ease and multi-people use, the Roku Ultra provides 4K HD definition.

The Roku Ultra also comes complete with JBL headphones and TV controllers, allowing you to get set up and using the Ultra straight away. The Ultra is $89.88 and with the Amazon Alexa is a little more pricey at $139.87. Something to think about!


Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Another Android streaming device is the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, and it’s right up there with the rest of them! Like most of the other streaming devices, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has 4K HD definition. But on top of that, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has 4K Chromecast as part of its software that can be used to stream your phone straight to the TV. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is $198.90, which may seem more expensive than the others, but with this device, you get a whole TV included, not just attachable hardware.


Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube has Amazon’s Alexa inbuilt into the framework, allowing voice-command access to all of the entertainment controls, entirely by voice. This includes Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Prime, AppleTV, and any other entertainment software and hardware you’d want to connect to your TV. This also includes cable channels.

The Fire TV Cube can also access non-entertainment apps built into its design, and as such can also control any environmental technology you sync it with (for example, home lighting).

The Fire TV Cube has 4K ultra HD and, as of this time, comes with a free one-year subscription to the Food Network Kitchen. The price of the Amazon Fire TV Cube is $199.99.


Whether you choose the Stream Smart Pro, Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Ultra (2019), Nvidia Shield TV Pro, or the Amazon Fire TV Cube, your choices are laid out before you.