7 Of The Best Streaming Devices Every Household Needs

Can’t choose which streaming device to buy? Maybe this will help you decide.


Stream Smart Pro

First up is the Stream Smart Pro. The Stream Smart Pro is an Android-based streaming device. The stream pro has 4K HD video that supports the video, audio and photo formats of VC-1, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX, RM, as well as MP3, WMA, AC3, DTS, AAC, FLAC and, finally, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG picture formats. This multi-use interface allows many, if not all, of your devices to connect to the Smart Stream Pro and gives you universal access. This is on top of USB port, HDMI, and SD/MMC card reader connections.

It also allows access and use of YouTube, as well as other WiFi-based services. Furthermore, the remote for the Smart Stream Pro is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. What’s not to love?


Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K has 4K HD definitions, clearly, as well as Dolby Atmos sound which is known for its high quality. The Apple TV 4K gives you access to Apple TV+ where you can watch cutting edge films and series that’s included for a one-year free subscription. The Apple TV 4K also comes with Apple Arcade where you can have access to unique games by Apple, as well as access to the Apple App Store. With the nature of Apple devices, you can connect any other IOS device to the Apple TV 4K with AirPlay and AirDrop. The TV also includes Siri, allowing voice command for the 4K TV, creating easy of use. Like all the other streaming devices you will also have access to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. The TV also comes with the option of 34GB or 64GB of storage, depending on how much you think you’ll use.


Google Chromecast Ultra

The Google Chromecast Ultra also has 4K HD, as well as voice command via “OK Google” and Google operating systems, allowing for wireless interactive ease. The streaming device can interact with, and above, Android 4.2, mAC os x 10.9, iOS 9.1, and Windows 7 operating systems, allowing for almost any device to connect with the system, making it highly sought after. Because of this, it makes the Google Chromecast Ultra one of the best options when looking into streaming devices.


Roku Streaming Stick+

Having the Roku Streaming Stick+ is so simple. Plug the USB with the software on it into your TV and you’re ready to go! However, you will need an Amazon Alexa if you want to enable voice control (which you do, trust me).

The Roku Streaming Stick+ doesn’t just give you access to Roku content (which is more than enough, to begin with!), but with the device, you can also stream Disney+ and Apple TV. With the Roku Streaming Stick+ you can also stream from multiple devices connected to the same WiFi, so you’re not limited to one TV. There are so many pros to getting a Roku Streaming Stick+. The Roku device itself is $78.99, but with the Amazon Alexa to allow voice command control, it comes to $128.98. A bargain!


Roku Ultra (2019)

Another great buy available from the Roku company is the Roku Ultra. Like the Roku Stream Stick+, The Ultra can stream Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Showtime, Google Play, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV, as well as having its own services available. However, where the two devices differ is the Roku Ultra has a processing system that makes it much faster and more speed capable than the Roku Streaming Stick+. While the Streaming Stick+ is great for ease and multi-people use, the Roku Ultra provides 4K HD definition.

The Roku Ultra also comes complete with JBL headphones and TV controllers, allowing you to get set up and using the Ultra straight away. The Ultra is $89.88 and with the Amazon Alexa is a little more pricey at $139.87. Something to think about!


Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Another Android streaming device is the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, and it’s right up there with the rest of them! Like most of the other streaming devices, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has 4K HD definition. But on top of that, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has 4K Chromecast as part of its software that can be used to stream your phone straight to the TV. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is $198.90, which may seem more expensive than the others, but with this device, you get a whole TV included, not just attachable hardware.


Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube has Amazon’s Alexa inbuilt into the framework, allowing voice-command access to all of the entertainment controls, entirely by voice. This includes Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Prime, AppleTV, and any other entertainment software and hardware you’d want to connect to your TV. This also includes cable channels.

The Fire TV Cube can also access non-entertainment apps built into its design, and as such can also control any environmental technology you sync it with (for example, home lighting).

The Fire TV Cube has 4K ultra HD and, as of this time, comes with a free one-year subscription to the Food Network Kitchen. The price of the Amazon Fire TV Cube is $199.99.


Whether you choose the Stream Smart Pro, Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Ultra (2019), Nvidia Shield TV Pro, or the Amazon Fire TV Cube, your choices are laid out before you.

How Deep Can Employee Background Checks Go?

Employee background checks can be vast, extensive, and almost become a document on every move you have made in the previous years. This is so companies can get a sense of who you are and to prevent fraud. Companies use it so they can be guaranteed that you are who you claim to be and that it isn’t taking a risk by hiring you. Companies use it as a safety net to prevent hiring people with a criminal record. To make sure that your education is verified and for the general safety of the company.

On your application or CV, et cetera, you should always be honest with the company as the majority of US-based companies now do background checks. If you lie, you will be caught out. Background checks are done by external companies or departments, for example, KYSHRM – Employment Background Check, have a list of U.S. based companies that specialize in extensive background checks and if you have lied about your education or your criminal record, you will get found out. Obviously, background checks aren’t limited to your criminal record or education, many types exist, and different organizations may ask for more information.


What They Can Find

So what specifically shows on certain types of background checks? On a criminal record check, you may find any crimes you’ve been convicted of, so that includes, but not limited to: crimes you’ve been found guilty for such as drug charges, speeding tickets, assault charges et cetera, any time spent in jail. It may also specify the crime committed, albeit arrests won’t likely show up as that’s no proof of guilt. Criminal check evidence may last up to a lifetime in certain U.S. states, while some will give you a clean slate of no criminal charges after ten years.

If you’re applying for a job in the financial sector, you’ll be subject to a credit check. This is a thorough check of your credit history and how you manage your finances. It is the most common check for loans and credit cards. A common form of credit check is your credit score. A credit score often covers the past ten years and can include credit card payments, loan payments, bill payments, loan inquiries, and even bankruptcies. An engineer most likely won’t be credit checked, unless the role involves managing finances.

Another type of check is a personal license check, this is just a general background check into confirming what qualifications you claim to have. This is obviously to prevent people from faking qualifications, such as degrees or high school grades or specialized qualifications such as a plumber’s qualification or any trade skill. Usually, these last a lifetime and the background check just includes contacting the qualification association which you’ve claimed to gain a qualification from.


Your Past Laid Bare

Other than the types listed, what may come up is employment verification, to confirm your previous years of employment, this will include looking up your national insurance number and perhaps contacting previous employers, proof of ID and address, such as looking up your passport number and confirming your address on the government database, proof of right to work in a country, which will usually be in the form of confirming your VISA or passport and any references you have put down will be contacted and ask to give a character reference.

Background checks can check usually every part of your history essentially that is at risk when the company hires you and it’s vital that on your application, you don’t lie as the background checks are extremely sophisticated and will catch you out.

How One Programmer Busted an Online Fraud Scam

A programmer at an HP branch in London exposed a huge online scam that conned people of their hard-earned money to the sum total of $67,000. Before we start, it is important you are aware of ways to secure your money from scams. A good online service, like plutuspocket.com is a great start.

The Scam

Vince Barratt was scrolling through his Facebook one night when he came across something that caught his eye. A great aunt called Mariah had shared a post stating that after hearing rave reviews from her neighbor, she started to use an online personal training service. However, the one she found presented more harm than good. She stumbled across a Facebook page called SIMON SHREDS. It had a number of supposed good reviews so Mariah messaged them. Within seconds, someone replied offering a discounted first session at only $20. Mariah agreed, paying through PayPal and that afternoon went on a Skype call with “Simon”. She enjoyed it; “Simon” was in good shape and he gave a lot of useful information.

He proceeded to perform a high-intensity interval training workout, which he encouraged Mariah to do with him. Mariah enjoyed the session so much, she paid for 10 more, spending a total of $250 so that she would stay motivated. However, at their next scheduled workout date, she couldn’t get into contact with “Simon”. She rang over and over again but got nothing in response. So she went back to the Facebook page but it was no longer there. Simon had vanished. Vince read all of this and his blood boiled. Fortunately, for the previous ten years, Vince had worked at HP as a software programmer.

He knew how to get around computers and so he messaged Mariah asking for any possible information she could give him on “Simon” including his accent, phrases he used, and topics they discussed on their Skype call. Next, Vince traced Simon’s IP address to see where he was. But unfortunately, he had taken steps to hide this from the public. So Vince put out a post to see if any other people had been the victim of something similar. The post went viral and Vince received a number of responses from people all over the world. It seems SIMON SHREDS had been disappearing and reappearing all over the place under a number of different names but the description of the supposed personal trainer always remained the same, as did the setup. Pay and receive the first session, pay for more, and then never see the trainer or your money again.  One woman even paid $800. Her husband was furious when he found out. A man informed Vince that he was given a different account to send the money to. This one was located in Dallas.

What He Did

Vince traced the account number and contacted the branch, requesting information on the account owner.  They were revealed to be Mr. Joel Cornish, a trainer at a gym just ten minutes away from the branch. Vince alerted the authorities with proof of the man’s actions but they refused to listen, saying the evidence wasn’t strong enough. So Vince decided he would receive a training session of his own. He found a page believed to be Simon Shreds and paid for a training session. He sent a live stream to the Dallas police department and then told “Simon” he knew who he was and what he had been doing. Mr. Cornish told him no one would ever believe him, inadvertently confessing to the fraudulent crimes. He was arrested two days later. Vince single-handedly busted an online fraud program. Mr. Cornish was given 3 years in prison and fined a total of $80,000.

Which Tech Companies have the Best Customer Service in 2020

Customer service is a major part of any company. It can make or break small businesses and is the difference between successful cooperation and a failed one. And in our increasingly digital world it all too easy for people to exchange stories and information about their customer service experiences. This means companies can no longer coast on by. They are under the public eye. So in this new digital frontier, what companies have the best customer service? We are going to look at the companies that top the charts in this category.

Just Eat

A lot of people would first think of big companies such as Amazon or YouTube. But we are starting off looking at the food delivery company. Just Eat has become one of the most beloved and used food delivery apps in the world. And part of this is due to their fantastic customer service method. They seem to have adopted a ‘Customer First’ attitude towards complaints. They will often refund customers without question and THEN look into the claims, rather than forcing customers to sit around waiting for a refund after an investigation. They also have a fantastic automated set up to handle customer requests and make sure the service is functioning as intended. In this world where the food delivery industry is booming, Just Eat is fortifying their place amongst the top companies.

Fully Verified

As a small business owner myself, I often have to deal with a lot of customer data and KYC systems. KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a method of entering and gathering customer information to store and utilise. It can be a tricky system to use and I decided to outsource the whole method. I had to move between a few different companies due to poor customer service until I found the one for me. My go to KYC service for now is Fully-Verified.com. Their customer service is beyond compare. They are able to helpfully set up the KYC service to your exact specifications and they offer comprehensive and helpful support almost all hours of the day. For small businesses or growing businesses, this company is the one to turn to if you want peak customer service.


Sony has stepped its customer service up a notch this year. Not always being known for having the best customer service, the tech giant and creators of the Playstation, have realised they need to change. And they did just that. Firstly they have been giving more back to their gaming community by improving the support methods available to them and providing more free goodies to their loyal fanbase. For those using their more general products, Sony has expanded its customer service hours and staff available to make sure everyone that needs support gets it. Many people have already praised Sony for this incredible turnaround and the company plans to keep up the momentum into 2021


Following a lot of public criticism, scandal and major issues with license issues, Uber had to claw its way back into public favour. And they have tried to make 2020 the year they bring it all back. They started off by improving the customer safety features available during a ride. Customers now have more control over their rides and greater tracking potential. This also works both ways towards the drivers too. They now have more control over what jobs they take and greater safety features for themself.  On top of all this, Uber has improved their general customer service facilities. They are investing more money into creating a stronger customer service team that are available to customers at all hours of the day.

Space Exploration: What would a Mars Colony Look Like?

It is well known that NASA is planning to land a robot on Mars in August later this year, with the goal of gathering data and looking for microbial life. In a sense, however, it’s the main target is to increase our preparedness for an eventual human martian colony, although it is unclear when we will be able to do this. This is because many things need to be addressed before any humans touch ground on the planet, such as food, water, transportation and housing/protection. We do have some idea of what a potential colony may look like, however, as NASA has given us small chunks of info over the years.

The Obstacles

There are many challenges that are currently preventing us from establishing a base on the Red Planet, and getting past them could prove extremely difficult or impossible. The main ones, but certainly not the only ones, are:

– the massive distance from Earth
– the inhospitable temperatures
– the dust storms
– the unbreathable atmosphere
– the increased exposure to radiation

Consequently, humans who make it will need extremely advanced technology in order to survive. For instance, habitats will need to be heavily sealed and pressurized, as well as being able to shield effectively against radiation. They will need to have heating and be heavily insulated, and self-sufficient in regards to water and power. They will also need to be well built using local resources as much as possible. This is known as ISRU, or In-Situ Resource Utilization. However, a lot of the furniture and equipment would also need to come from home, so I wouldn’t be too shocked if they use home-use items like theo-theo chairs.

The Habitat

NASA actually ran a public competition to find the best form of housing for a martian colony. It was called the MakerBot Mars Challenge, and entrants were given access to a 3D printer in Brooklyn for the purpose of the competition.

There were two winners. The first was the Mars Pyramid, which was based on the famous Pyramid of Giza, located in Egypt. The logic was that the Pyramid of Giza had lasted thousands of years, largely due to its shape that it allows it to withstand the harshest elements. For the Mars Pyramid, its sides would be made up of solar panels to collect energy with an additional generator inside for backup. Food would be grown at the top of the structure using a sustainable aquaponics system.

The other winner was the Mars Acropolis, a very futuristic design that utilizes stainless steel aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure the main structure is as stable as possible. Additionally, the outer protective wall would be comprised of Martian soil, concrete, and steel. The interior would be comprised of three levels, with a decompression chamber on the ground floor, living quarters on the second floor, and the nerve centre on the third, which would be used for water and observation.

It may be a while before we say anything comes to fruition, but it is very possible that one of these structures could be used on Mars!

The Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get as an Electrician

The field of electrical work is a lucrative field that is constantly in demand. As technology advances, there is always a great need for people with the expertise to maintain, repair and diagnose electrical issues. And Canada, for all its beauty and splendor, has issues that can cause major electrical issues, alongside the standard occurrences too. All of this culminates in a lucrative field that pays out big time. Innovation in electrical engineering has led to smaller companies being able to tackle bigger jobs and earn more. So below are some of the highest-paying jobs you can get as an electrician, so you know what to look out for.

Building Installation

Canada’s landscape is ideal for property development. New real estate is popping up constantly, and these construction projects will require a full electrical installation. This means everything from connecting to the power grid, to installing the plug sockets.  A job like this will take a fair amount of time and skill but will be worth it. These jobs pay out big time. They require more materials and labour than most other jobs and as such mean a bigger paycheque for you and your firm. So it can be a good idea to link up with local construction and real estate firms and start fostering good relationships with them.

Maintenance Work

Public construction projects or street maintenance is often vital to the upkeep of a cities infrastructure. And a lot of the time the complex electrical lines under the ground require very specialised equipment and know-how to deal with. As such these jobs are ones to look out for. The local government will offer lucrative contracts for the firms that snap these jobs up and taking them will lead to consistent and well-paid work in the future if you do a good job. It can be more difficult to get these jobs as a lot of firms will put in bids to get it, so keep a keen eye on job availability.

Industrial Repair

Large industrial sites and companies often make use of complex and technical machinery. And while they will have skilled staff on-site, chances are they won’t have staff that can run technical repairs on the large machinery when it breaks. And these machines are expensive to replace, so often repairing them is the option a company will go for. To that end, they are willing to pay through the nose for a quality repair job. This is where you come in. Establishing yourself as competent industrial repair service when it comes to electrical devices will go a long way to boosting your profits. And more often than not, if you do a good job, your reputation will mean other firms and industries will seek out your services. Companies are more likely to hire a company they know and trust, and one with good references, so if you get out and network you stand a better chance.

What Games Have the Best Graphics in 2020

Gaming has been on a steady increase for the past twenty years. And with it, graphics have improved immensely to the point we sometimes can’t distinguish between reality and virtual. But what games in 2020 had the best graphics. Below I will be examining what games, for their respective console, had the best graphics in 2020.


When it comes to mobile gaming, graphics are not as advance as other consoles but are still improving massively from the days of pong. And in 2020 the standout is the incredible graphics in Seven Deadly Sins. For a mobile game, the smooth 3D graphics create an immersive and beautiful environment for players to lose themselves in. Most mobile games could only dream of having graphics of this level, so major props to the developers for going the extra mile.


The hit game Death Stranding took the world by storm. But aside from the complex story, the stellar graphics stood apart. They utilized advance motion capture and a dedicated development team to create something almost indistinguishable from real life. It is too easy to lose your self in the world of Death Stranding. In terms of PlayStation games, this one comes out on top.


Xbox has always taken pride in merging excellent graphics with solid and consistent gameplay. And the epitome of this is Halo 5. The latest installment in the franchise uses the latest technology to create a more vivid and vibrant world for the Master Chief to explore and for the player to lose themselves in. Sci-Fi settings have always been perfect fits for artists to flex their creative muscles and Halo 5 does not shy away from this. It is definitely the standout choice for Xbox.

How Technology Has Changed Mobile Gaming

Gaming has been changed completely with the event of mobile devices becoming mainstream. When phones weren’t advanced with optimal graphics cards and powerful CPUs, mobile gaming devices, like the PSP reigned supreme; but now mobile phones are enough to game on, they’ve taken over the PSP. Now mobile phones are the mainstream device to game out and about, you can play your favourite games, such as the hugely popular, with 4.7/5 stars on the Google Play Store: AKF Arena. To get a unique redemption code, go to this link:https://afk.guide/redemption-codes/.

When the Gameboy came it in the 1990s, it was the first time somebody could game on the go. It was revolutionary and opened a new world and experience of gaming an avid gamer could have. Then came an influx of portable gaming systems when small graphics cards and CPUs became good enough to maintain good graphics processing, such as the PSP and Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS was revolutionary with its touch screen, opening new dynamics in gaming. Games such as Nintendogs also opened a new gaming base, appealing to the more casual gamer.

The biggest advancement in gaming mobile in terms of popularity has been the mobile phone. Gaming on mobile phones opened a new wave of popularity. Games such as AFK Arena, Angry Birds, mobile phones are even now capable of running a few triple A games. In the early 2000s, gaming on your mobile was unheard of, and not possible but now it’s the most popular way for one to game on the go. People that would never pick up a console controller now plays games casually, or competitively on their phone. Technological advancements in mobile phones have ten folded popularity in gaming and opened a new market for studios to create mobile games.

A Guide to Welding Technology in 2020

There have been many developments in the technology of welding in recent years, there are many different sets of equipment currently available on the market making the menial task of welding a lot easier. The equipment you will need will totally depend on the scale of the welding job you wish to conduct, for larger scale tasks a portable mig Welder may be required as it has much higher capabilities in terms of how much can be done at one time. For the smaller scale tasks there is a variety of smaller more classic kits available that would be great for more casual, personal use. Many great kits are available at reasonable prices for example, welding company WeldingMania offers high quality equipment at a decent price, here is a guide to Welding in 2020 that looks at specific products to help with your welding needs.


 Portable Inverter Mig Welder.

A portable Inverter Mig Welder is a great choice when it comes to large scale welding. It has high capabilities and is available in a number of voltages suitable for different scales of jobs. This would be a great choice for someone who is a professional in the industry as it is made for use on the daily and dealing with the high demand that may come with working in the very advanced industry.


Welding Helmet.

Safety is an important factor to consider before starting welding, things like gloves and a good welding helmet are necessary to protect your eyes and skin from burns. If you are thinking of saving money and avoiding buying safety equipment then I would strongly advise against it. Safety equipment is required when carrying out any form of DIY and is compulsory should you wish to be taken seriously within the professional Industry, at the end of the day it just isn’t worth the risk of an accident.



Welding Iron.

Now we are looking at the more classic piece of kit, if you have a simple welding task to do then why not look at investing in a smaller welding kit which are available at a reasonable price. This classic piece of kit would be great for the budding DIY expert and can save you a lot of money in the long run as opposed to forking out the cost on a professional and just getting the job done yourself.

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