Why it is Important to Take Responsibility When It Comes to Using Tech

Why it is Important to Take Responsibility When It Comes to Using Tech

Technology has continued to change our lives in the 21st century for the better. Many things once thought impossible in bygone years are now attainable. Who knows, maybe in a few more decades trips to space will be as commonplace as walking down to the shops. However, just because tech has made our lives all the more easier, doesn’t mean we should forget about maintaining a degree of responsibility when we utilize it. Apprehensive would-be tech users are still plentiful: “How do I access my email? Are disposable vapes safe? Will robots take my job?” They all cry out for guidance, it falls onto the tech-pros in order to shoulder the responsibility and show them the right way.

Health and Safety

Advances in tech have made jobs such as construction and other manual labor a lot easier and more convenient. Although, it has also made these jobs more dangerous. Always have your wits about you when handling heavy machinery or new technology. It is not only your life at risk, but the others in your workforce. If you are in a managerial position, then without responsibility over the tech you employ, you could risk a severely reduced workforce. No job is worth losing your life over because of someone else’s irresponsibility. Research has shown that workers are more committed when a workplace enforces strong health and safety when it comes to technology. Consumers also want to buy products that they know have been sourced ethically; no one feels happy knowing that someone lost a finger so that they can get a new coat.

Manual labor requires a strong degree of responsibility in order to operate tech safely, however, you must also take responsibility over your health in office spaces. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is not good for you. Working the graveyard shift at your office can severely impact your sleeping pattern. The blue light which computers emit can keep you awake for longer; the responsible action is to investigate a night-time mode for your computer. Night-time mode reduces the amount of blue-light which your computer will emit, warm colors mean your brain is not stimulated as much. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another danger to look out for in your office space. Always take regular breaks from excessive typing, consider going on a walk for a spell in order to give your hands and brain a rest.

Expensive Equipment

If you’re in a field that gets access to brand new and expensive equipment, then the responsibility falls on you to look after it. Your job and your bank account may depend on it if no insurance is in place. On the set of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, a $500,000 IMAX camera was broken during one dynamic action scene. The crew on this set would have definitely benefited from a better understanding of tech responsibility. Luckily, for Hollywood that price is just a drop in the ocean. However, for you and your equipment, the consequences will be all the more real. Always watch your surroundings and ensure you have a tight grip on any tech you are given. We all can clumsily drop things once in a while, but you want to make sure that doesn’t happen while holding anything expensive. Consider effectively communicating that you have a strong grip on any tech you are being handed. Always watch where you place items and make sure there are no hazards around when transporting technology. Loose wires and cables can be a massive accident waiting to happen, always be on the lookout for potential problems.

Anti-Social Behaviors

When you and the family are gathered round for Christmas dinner, consider putting the tech away. Any tablets and smartphones might be best kept in pockets or stashed away, consider it your responsibility as a family to spend some quality time together. The online world won’t crumble away after a few hours of quality family time. We all can spend a bit too long engrossed in the latest gadget and tech that we get our hands on. But it is all the more important to appreciate the human and natural things in our life. While a new camera can come in handy when you’re walking through a scenic path, consider just living in that moment without any tech.


There is a vast amount of new technology that pops up everyday, however, we should not all fall victim to a shiny object syndrome and go chasing down the latest gadget. We should all keep a degree of responsibility over anything in our lives!

Has Technology Made Caring For Your Home Easier?

Has Technology Made Caring For Your Home Easier?

Technology has changed almost all aspects of our lives; chores that would have once taken hours can now be done in seconds. Most homes are now filled to the brim with technology. Smart TVs, electric heaters, electric ovens and so much more have completely repositioned each aspect of the modern home. However, how much has this tech made our everyday life in our homes easier?

Energy Meters

With the current costs of energy bills continuing to rise, handy electric and water meters can easily be installed in your living room. Installing these meters in a highly-visible place means that you will always be aware of how much energy you are using. These meters can also highlight if you are using up more energy than you really should be, a high water meter might indicate a leak. These meters help to keep costs down while also ensuring you are fully aware of what is happening inside your home.

Smart meters can also be directly linked to your phone, streamlining the entire process. Being able to directly read your energy meters from your phone can give you direct information on how your house is faring while you are away. Being aware of how much you use versus how much is not used when no one is home, can lead to handy ways in which you can cut down costs. Direct readings can also go a long way in making sure you are not leaving on devices and appliances while you are away.


State-of-the-art security systems are now more accessible than ever; it seems every house has begun to install a Ring Doorbell. Systems like Ring allow you to always be in control of the security of your house. These technologies can often be linked directly to run through your phone, like most other smart devices. Potential burglars will often wait until you are closer to the door before making their move, having the ability to check your outside surroundings from a secure location can be an important move. Most modern-day security systems will also record and store footage taken. Placing these systems in each corner of your house can provide coverage for possible infestations or damages.

If you have a new baby in the home, then modern-day baby monitors have made care even easier. Being able to view your baby monitor from your phone has helped mothers all over the world juggle important work alongside care. These baby monitors can be placed in non-invasive places and also have speech functions. If a child is upset, hearing their parents’ voices from one of these monitors can help to calm them down.


Technology has made the once stressful and time-consuming side of gardening all the more simpler. Automatic watering systems can be placed on timers that will spray water sporadically. Caring for your plants is important, however, sometimes you might not have the opportunity to do so. Electric lawnmowers can be used for similar effects. If you have a lot of green to cover, then buying this gadget will make the task easier to tackle. Why pay for the gardener when a gadget will be cheaper in the long run?

The internet has provided many opportunities to learn new skills that decades ago would have been a niche or could only be taught by a trade professional. One green-fingered homeowner pre-taught himself before he began landscaping slopes in Victoria for his own home and his neighbors’. Following an online tutorial might not be as strong as an on-site experience, but it can provide a very strong first impression and set you on your way to becoming an expert.

Smart Appliances

Smart Taps, Smart Tables, Smart TVs, there are plenty of smart appliances to add to your home. These high-tech devices are often low-maintenance and are easier to install. Caring for these devices is all about just being delicate. It makes plumbers’ jobs easier and gives an electrician more work. Smart taps can provide a hands-free water dispersal and will limit the amount of heavy handling they see. Set these smart devices up and all you’ll need to do is clean and admire them, as well as show them off to your friends.


While caring for your home might have become easier, your home is still important. Regular cleaning and upkeep help to instill a sense of pride in your home; something you should always be striving to have. Technology has streamlined and improved many aspects of our lives, but we can’t leave all of our responsibility up to tech. Never become completely reliant on your tech, as then if something were to go wrong, you’d be up the creek without a paddle.

Why Is Reddit Noit Being Used to its Full Marketing Tool Potential

Why Is Reddit Noit Being Used to its Full Marketing Tool Potential

Since June 2005, Reddit has been a great online platform with vast professional advertisers and marketers. It is increasingly becoming popular, achieving a user base of over 1.7 billion and becoming the 6th most known website in the US. This gives it an appealing way to acquire traffic and exposure.

However, most Reddit users are not using this excellent marketing tool to its full potential.

According to a case study about Reddit marketing, Reddit and OnlyFans are some of the quickest ways users can make bucks online.

Unfortunately, many people have not exploited this potential for several reasons.

In this discussion, we’ll demonstrate why Reddit is not being used to its full marketing tool potential. Keep reading!

Most People Don’t Read Subreddit Rules Before Submitting Content

Subreddits have different rules that every Redditor should follow the integrity of the community and prevent abuse. Not reading or ignoring these rules can be banned from the community or losing karma points (a Redditor’s reputation). Some subreddits have stringent guidelines that may even include banning new users from posting any kind of links! This is why marketers need to research each subreddit thoroughly before posting anything on them.

Posting Inappropriate Content

Redditors love specific things, so marketers should post what people love. There are thousands of communities on Reddit, and each one has its own rules and regulations, so make sure you read them before posting anything in those communities. If your content is not relevant to the community you are posting in, moderators will remove it to make sure your content is distributed correctly to use Reddit’s self-serve platform. This allows you to target specific audiences with ads that are relevant to them and their interests. This means you will have a better chance of getting upvotes or comments from people interested in what you have to say.

Failure To Attend To Reader’s Concerns When

If you are trying to promote your business on Reddit; you will find that people are going to be more than willing to offer you advice and criticism. It’s all part of their culture, and you shouldn’t ignore their feedback. You should interact with your readers and respond to the comments they leave on your post. Non-attendance can hurt your reputation and even cause you to be banned from the site because they will think that you’re only there to promote your business.

Posting Links On Wrong Subreddits

If you want your post to be seen by many people, then it’s essential that you know where to post it and how often it should be posted. This is why you should learn about the different subreddits and their rules regarding posting links. You can also use Reddit’s search feature to find other subreddits that may be related to the topic of your link or just some of its keywords. For example, if you are marketing music, consider linking to the entertainment part. This will help increase your chances of getting more followers.


One of the most common mistakes made by marketers who use Reddit is inconsistency in their content strategy. They will post one day but not the next — or they will post multiple times over a short period but then not post again for weeks or months at a time. You should aim to market your products multiple times a week to gain an excellent track.

Unlock Your Marketing Potential On Reddit!

Most marketers don’t utilize Reddit to its full potential. However, you can easily maneuver and achieve more than anyone else can. You may only need to be consistent, comment on customers’ concerns, post appropriate content, learn subreddit rules, and post links correctly. Later, you will take advantage of this great marketing tool by unlocking its potential.

7 Browser Games You Have to Play

7 Browser Games You Have to Play

If you are someone that works from home or you are unemployed at the moment, something that you have likely realized is that you can get very bored very easily. At first, you probably thought being able to chill at home and do what you want was a dream. However, you quickly realize that there is only so much that you can do when you are at home alone and you can get bored quite quickly. If you can relate to this feeling, then you have probably been longing for something to do to fill your time.

I would recommend browser games, as they are good fun and can be stopped at any time. Here are 7 browser games you have to play.

Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is a classic game that has been around since the early 2000s. The concept is very simple, all that you need to do is fill a cup with a certain amount of sugar before the time runs out. It starts off incredibly simple and it gets harder as it goes on. The game starts to include different physics and it can become very challenging.

Cube Field

Cube field is another incredibly simple game that is bound to offer you hours of fun. The basic explanation of the game is that you are a cube, trying to navigate your way around a field of other cubes. The game starts off quite slow and then out of nowhere you have to try and survive through a field that is going at incredibly fast speeds. If you touch even the corner of another cube, then you are out for the count, which makes this game all the more challenging. If you have the patience and the reflexes, then this may be the game for you.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama was a classic Nintendo game that many of us enjoyed throughout our childhood. We have all experienced being scorned by Mama every time we made a mistake and now we can experience it free online. In the free browser version, you have to try and prepare a thanksgiving feast. This means that you have to prepare a turkey, cook vegetables and make sure it is a big success. Once you have finished, Mama will rate how you have done and will give you an overall score out of ten. You will be eager to please Mama and it will throw you right back to your childhood.

Bubble Shooter

If you are looking for a browser game that you don’t have to really think about, then Bubble Shooter is the perfect game for you. The concept is incredibly simple. You are given a collection of floating bubbles and one bubble that you are in control of. All that you need to do is match groups of four bubbles that are the same color, which will make them all pop. The aim is to get rid of as many bubbles as you can and you have to try not to be overwhelmed by the bubbles that you have already.


This is a great browser game for if you have someone else that you can play with. Once again, the concept is very simple. You are given a dotted page and you each take turns to put down a line. What you should aim to do is connect as many lines as you possibly can and make a square. The person with the most squares is the winner and the person who has the least is then the loser. This is good fun and will allow you to get very competitive with your loved ones.


This is an online game that you have already likely heard of. In this game, you play as a snake and what you have to do is try and collect food, which will enable your snake to grow. When you are doing this, you also need to avoid running into other snakes. Doing so will kill you and make you return to the size of a smaller snake. Your aim is to eat and kill and it is great fun for those of you out there with a competitive nature.


If you have ever played the card game Werewolf, then you are going to love Mafia. In this browser game, you play with people from all around the world. One of you is a murderer and every night you kill someone in the village. It is everyone else’s job to figure out who is the killer and kill them before they can take on everyone. If you manage to find the murderer, then the villagers win, but if you do not then the murderer takes the prize. This is great to play with a group of people and will offer hours of fun.

Which Tech Companies have the Best Customer Service in 2020

Customer service is a major part of any company. It can make or break small businesses and is the difference between successful cooperation and a failed one. And in our increasingly digital world it all too easy for people to exchange stories and information about their customer service experiences. This means companies can no longer coast on by. They are under the public eye. So in this new digital frontier, what companies have the best customer service? We are going to look at the companies that top the charts in this category.

Just Eat

A lot of people would first think of big companies such as Amazon or YouTube. But we are starting off looking at the food delivery company. Just Eat has become one of the most beloved and used food delivery apps in the world. And part of this is due to their fantastic customer service method. They seem to have adopted a ‘Customer First’ attitude towards complaints. They will often refund customers without question and THEN look into the claims, rather than forcing customers to sit around waiting for a refund after an investigation. They also have a fantastic automated set up to handle customer requests and make sure the service is functioning as intended. In this world where the food delivery industry is booming, Just Eat is fortifying their place amongst the top companies.

Fully Verified

As a small business owner myself, I often have to deal with a lot of customer data and KYC systems. KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a method of entering and gathering customer information to store and utilise. It can be a tricky system to use and I decided to outsource the whole method. I had to move between a few different companies due to poor customer service until I found the one for me. My go to KYC service for now is Fully-Verified.com. Their customer service is beyond compare. They are able to helpfully set up the KYC service to your exact specifications and they offer comprehensive and helpful support almost all hours of the day. For small businesses or growing businesses, this company is the one to turn to if you want peak customer service.


Sony has stepped its customer service up a notch this year. Not always being known for having the best customer service, the tech giant and creators of the Playstation, have realised they need to change. And they did just that. Firstly they have been giving more back to their gaming community by improving the support methods available to them and providing more free goodies to their loyal fanbase. For those using their more general products, Sony has expanded its customer service hours and staff available to make sure everyone that needs support gets it. Many people have already praised Sony for this incredible turnaround and the company plans to keep up the momentum into 2021


Following a lot of public criticism, scandal and major issues with license issues, Uber had to claw its way back into public favour. And they have tried to make 2020 the year they bring it all back. They started off by improving the customer safety features available during a ride. Customers now have more control over their rides and greater tracking potential. This also works both ways towards the drivers too. They now have more control over what jobs they take and greater safety features for themself.  On top of all this, Uber has improved their general customer service facilities. They are investing more money into creating a stronger customer service team that are available to customers at all hours of the day.

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