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Do you know that a typical model rocket engine can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour? If you’ve ever wondered what makes these miniature rockets soar, this article

9 Handheld Gadgets That Will Spice Up Your Life

9 Handheld Gadgets That Will Spice Up Your Life

Micro Bluetooth Speaker

As the summer fast approaches the UK it is time for the return of trips to the beach or BBQs out at the park. And no day in the sun is complete without some of the hottest summer music tracks. While modern smartphones do boast impressive speaker quality, there is no replacement for a good bluetooth speaker.

The best brands to look for are Bose, Sonos, or JBL. All of these brands are known for their reliability, sound quality, and durability. Bose generally sits at the more expensive end of the spectrum, while Sonos is often the cheaper choice.

Steam Deck

Valve changed the game when they announced the Steam Deck. A fully portable PC that can play a vast majority of the Steam game library. With a large array of customisable buttons and slots for external storage to be added, the Steam Deck is the must have gadget for any serious gamer.

Dry Herb Vape

Now that medical cannabis is readily available in the UK, you will want a device that is best suited to consuming it. Dry herb vapes are the ultimate vaporiser for consuming THC and CBD plants. With none of the health risks of an e-liquid vape or smoking.

The big upside to using a dry herb vape to consume medical cannabis is the fact you can better control the high you get. The temperature at which THC is burned changes the amount of chemicals released. A higher temperature causes a more heady high. A lower temperature will provide a body high without any psychoactive effects. Different ailments, such as insomnia or accurate chronic pain, can be better managed by using the correct temperature when vaporizing THC. When you go for a medical cannabis consultation with Releaf or your local GP they will tell you which temperature is most effective. Which is why a dry herb vape is a must have gadget.

Automatic Grinder

If you are going to make use of a dry herb vape then you will definitely want an automatic grinder. These handy gadgets are not only useful for THC and CBD plants but also make a good cooking utensil as well. Able to grind up any plant or herb within seconds. This will save you time on loading up your dry herb vape. And will make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier.


Nearly everyone in the UK has a smartphone these days. They are devices of unparalleled functionality and can integrate extremely well with most modern technology. And a smartwatch is perhaps the best bit of kit to pair alongside your smartphone. Modern smartwatches can do everything from track your sleeping habits and biometric data to functioning as a universal remote for your smart devices in your home.

Smart Rings

Smart rings take the term handheld gadget to the next level. The most compact wearable technology on the market. Smart rings can be linked up to your smartphone and various other smart devices to carry out minor functions. One of the most common uses of a smart ring is as a payment device, being able to link directly to your Google wallet. Or they can function as a key for your digital locks.

Keyboard Cleaners

These little brushes are a must-have for anyone who makes use of a computer while working from home. Sleak, simple, and extremely efficient. OXO is the best brand I’ve found. Their brushes are sturdy and they offer a huge range suitable for a wide range of keyboards. From mechanical all the way to a simple laptop keyboard.

RFID Wallets

There are many upsides to our world moving into a fully digital landscape. But one of the biggest downsides is the inherent risk presented to us by having all our information stored on cards and phones in our pockets.

An RFID wallet is the best protection against identity and regular theft. The wallets act as a faraday cage stopping any signals reaching your cards. Meaning no one can swipe past your pocket and drain your funds.

Object Trackers

You will undoubtedly have heard about Apple’s AirTags. A simple concept that has helped millions of people find stolen or lost objects across the globe. And Apple aren’t the only ones producing discreet object trackers either. There are a huge range of trackers out there that work with Android devices.

Object trackers are ideal for monitoring your luggage while traveling abroad or for ensuring the safety of your car while you are away.

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