About Us

We are a flourishing technology-oriented organization who aim to chase the silver lining with a spark of its own. Our company has marked its presence in the field of scientific development for more than a decade. Our primary focus is on the rocket model and the science related to its functioning. We are a proud team of experts who are always enthusiastic about adopting the new trends and deliver the best to our customers.

We believe in the all-round development of a child’s brain, and rocket science plays a vital role in boosting the motor skills of a child. 

We do not stop at any point. The world is vast and wide. We believe in experimenting and understand that the birth of new ideas erupts with regular brainstorming sessions. This way, we are always open to a new approach and offer new technologies to the clients. This helps us maintain a healthy relationship with the clients. One needs not to worry about the usage of such new technologies as we guide you through right from the start to the end.

Our products have made their entry into many fields. It includes competition, experiment, hobby, entertainment, and education sector. We achieve this excellence through our trusted external collaboration and the hard-working internal community.

We make it a point that we stick to our moral values of hard work, sincerity, creativity, innovation, and loyalty. We fight hard to deliver the best at its innovative best. This helps us make sure that our work will reach the expectation of all the end-users.