Rocket Information

Flying a model rocket can be an activity related to education or hobby. It is safe to use under the guidance of the elders. It paves a platform for the students to learn about the forces related to the rocket flight. These rockets will reach only lower altitudes. The model rocket’s construction model is of paper or plastic, or wood made. The necessary parts of the model rocket are nose cone, body tube, launch lug, engine mount, fins, and a recovery system. The single stage rocket uses a small and pre packed engine system. The engine system has reliable fuel engines. The engines are one time use only. So, these engines are replaced after one flight. The engines come in varied sizes. The engines for a further flight can be bought in the toy stores. The engine mount helps to transmit the thrust to the body of the rocket. This makes the rocket to move forward.

The ejection charge moves through the hole in the engine mount. This pressurizes the body tube. This pressure ejects the recovery system along with the nose cone. There is a recovery wadding part that prevents the hot gas from damaging the recovery system. This recovery wadding system is also sold along with the engine in the toy store. A parachute is part of the recovery system. The body of the rocket has launch lugs. This acts as a backbone for the model rocket during the launch. Newton’s law is the working principle behind the rocket’s propulsion.