The Three Best Rocket Lego Kits

A rocket kit is a perfect toy for an upcoming birthday or special occasion. Why not have a look through these amazing kits and get one for a loved one or friend.

1) The LEGO City 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport Space Port. This rocket is suitable for children aged seven and above. It features a multi stage rocket, launch control room, assembly crane and a satellite that can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees! Kids will have hours of fun with this toy. It’s inspired by many NASA rockets and looks incredible.

You can find lots of lego at stonefoot if you’re looking to buy a few lego kits.

2) The International Space Station! This is a must have for any lego lover. It’s based on the largest spacecraft ever built. You can’t get any more impressive than that. If you get your child this they will love it! With the kit, you can deploy satellites, dock shuttles or even go for space walks! The possibilities are endless with the International Space Station. Get lost in space with this shuttle and for a very reasonable price. Just imagine your child’s face when you wrap this gift up and hand it to them. You will be parent of the year.

3) Next is the Lego Creator NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. This is one incredible kit. Complete with a United States flag, detachable stages and the famous lunar lander astronaut so you recreate that one leap for mankind. This is an exciting kit. It’s an icon of space exploration and what better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing? The detail is phenomenal and I guarantee you will be very happy with this purchase. It’s a challenging build but also rewarding and makes a great centrepiece for the office, living room or bed room.

5 Tech Tools for Modern Removal Companies

Self-Booking Apps

Providing potential customers with the ability to self-book using an app has many benefits. For instance, it allows clients to schedule a removal on short notice, which will increase any companies net of potential clients by a considerable margin. In addition to this, self-booking also allows a customer to book a removal way ahead of time. It also allows customers to cancel or modify their removal service using the app.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is vital for many clients, especially so for movers in Mississauga or Toronto, for instance, where moving house is already a very expensive endeavor. Consequently, any modern removal company should really consider using AI to provide quotes for potential customers. This technology allows movers to enter the different types of goods they are planning on moving along with the pickup and drop off location, enabling them to receive a price estimation.

Goods Tracking Service

Nowadays a goods tracking service is vital for some clients, especially if they are moving delicate or expensive goods. Consequently, being able to offer service updates in real-time via a goods tracking app can vastly increase the amount of potential clients for any removal company.

Chatbots for 24 Hour Customer Support

Given the stress that comes with moving, having customer support can be very important to many people. However, this can be expensive and challenging to provide for some clients, especially international movers. Consequently, using a chatbot to provide 24 hour customer support can be very beneficial as it is both cheap and free to use 24/7.

Electric Vehicles

While this is obviously quite an expensive tech “tool”, companies that can afford to use electric vehicles for removal services can massively increase their number of potential clients. In a world in which consumers are increasingly concerned about carbon footprint, being able to provide a removal service with an electric vehicle will be very appealing to many different people.