How Technology is Making SEO Easier for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization is vital to a business’/website’s traffic. Technology is which SEO is improved is never changing and always evolving and you need to be ahead of the curve and use different technology effectively to have good rankings on search engines.

One technology you can use is shorteners. URL shorteners such as the one by Toroox, makes your links more eye-catching, neat and aesthetically pleasing. It can make your links more attractive. A lot of people use mobile phones to browse the internet and if you’re wanting more mobile phone hits, a shortened URL is a must as it fits easier and looks a lot cleaner on the small screen of a mobile. URL shorteners also can monitor your traffic, let you know how many visitors are using that specific link. The more your content is shared, the more your SEO will improve and shortened URLs help your content being shared online as when somebody is sharing a link, on for example, twitter, they will not put a huge URL into their tweet, opting for the more neat short URL.

SEO/ranking specialists say that, albeit short URLs being clicked aren’t directly the main URL, it won’t effect your SEO negatively, only improve it because Google considers that short URLs are just like any other regular 301 redirects and will note this in their rankings. Hence, say your small business has a Twitter account, it might be more attractive to use short URLs in your tweets that redirect to a specific page on your website, such a page containing a product, as it looks more appealing in a tweet and will increase traffic flow to your website, as nobody likes a long URL, especially on twitter which already restricts your character amount and with this increased traffic, it will only positively impact your SEO, as search engines consider short URLs like any other 301 redirects.

5 Tech Tools for Modern Removal Companies

Self-Booking Apps

Providing potential customers with the ability to self-book using an app has many benefits. For instance, it allows clients to schedule a removal on short notice, which will increase any companies net of potential clients by a considerable margin. In addition to this, self-booking also allows a customer to book a removal way ahead of time. It also allows customers to cancel or modify their removal service using the app.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is vital for many clients, especially so for movers in Mississauga or Toronto, for instance, where moving house is already a very expensive endeavor. Consequently, any modern removal company should really consider using AI to provide quotes for potential customers. This technology allows movers to enter the different types of goods they are planning on moving along with the pickup and drop off location, enabling them to receive a price estimation.

Goods Tracking Service

Nowadays a goods tracking service is vital for some clients, especially if they are moving delicate or expensive goods. Consequently, being able to offer service updates in real-time via a goods tracking app can vastly increase the amount of potential clients for any removal company.

Chatbots for 24 Hour Customer Support

Given the stress that comes with moving, having customer support can be very important to many people. However, this can be expensive and challenging to provide for some clients, especially international movers. Consequently, using a chatbot to provide 24 hour customer support can be very beneficial as it is both cheap and free to use 24/7.

Electric Vehicles

While this is obviously quite an expensive tech “tool”, companies that can afford to use electric vehicles for removal services can massively increase their number of potential clients. In a world in which consumers are increasingly concerned about carbon footprint, being able to provide a removal service with an electric vehicle will be very appealing to many different people.