Must Have Tech That All Plant Lovers Should Own

Must Have Tech That All Plant Lovers Should Own

A big trend right now is filling your room with plants. A lot of us spent a lot of time inside in the last year or so and to make staying inside easier, we all compulsively bought items that we could fill our house with.

One of the main items that people have been decorating their homes with is plants. Plants are a great decorative tool for a number of reasons. First of all, they are living things, which bring a natural feel to your home. They also come in many different shapes and sizes, which means that you can find a number of options that will perfectly fit into the look of your house.

If you are now a proud plant parent, something that you have likely figured out is that caring for plants is a lot of high-maintenance work. If you have quite a lot of plants, then it is a lot of work to make sure that they are in the best shape that they can be.

It can be overwhelming at times, but thanks to tech it is now easier than ever to care for your plants. Here is some must-have tech that all plant lovers should own.

Moisture Reader

If you are a plant owner, you will quickly realize that one of the hardest parts about being a plant owner is knowing exactly when you should water your plants. As nice as plants are, they can be very difficult to maintain and they love to kick off if you decide to over or underwater them.

The usual technique of checking whether or not a plant is ready to be watered is by using the finger method, but this is not the most accurate method that you can use to read the moisture levels. A moisture reader will tell you exactly how wet the soil is, which will help you determine whether or not you should water the plant.

Bug Identification App

A big issue that you will face as a plant owner is pests. Plants attract bugs to their soil and it can be incredibly annoying to get rid of them without damaging or causing harm to your plants.

Something that you will be glad to know is that there are apps out there that you can use to identify the pests that have infested your plants. Not only does the app tell you which pests are on the plant, but it will also give you instructions on how to get rid of them. As a plant owner, you have probably asked yourself a million times, how do I get rid of gnats? Now the app will tell you exactly what you need to do to get rid of the pests, without causing any damage to your plant.

Automatic Waterer

Another issue that a lot of plant owners have is remembering when to actually water their plants. Every plant that you will have different watering times and so you cannot just water them whenever you remember.

Thankfully, with automatic waterers, they will be able to sense when the soil is dry and when the plant needs to be watered. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about your plants when you are not around and they will get all of the care that they need.

Indoor Lighting

If you have a house that is not very well lit, then you will benefit from the issue of indoor plant lighting. This can be placed anywhere above where your plant is situated and set to the perfect lighting level. This means that depending on what kind of light your plant needs, you will be able to give it to them, which will allow your plant to thrive.

7 Browser Games You Have to Play

7 Browser Games You Have to Play

If you are someone that works from home or you are unemployed at the moment, something that you have likely realized is that you can get very bored very easily. At first, you probably thought being able to chill at home and do what you want was a dream. However, you quickly realize that there is only so much that you can do when you are at home alone and you can get bored quite quickly. If you can relate to this feeling, then you have probably been longing for something to do to fill your time.

I would recommend browser games, as they are good fun and can be stopped at any time. Here are 7 browser games you have to play.

Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is a classic game that has been around since the early 2000s. The concept is very simple, all that you need to do is fill a cup with a certain amount of sugar before the time runs out. It starts off incredibly simple and it gets harder as it goes on. The game starts to include different physics and it can become very challenging.

Cube Field

Cube field is another incredibly simple game that is bound to offer you hours of fun. The basic explanation of the game is that you are a cube, trying to navigate your way around a field of other cubes. The game starts off quite slow and then out of nowhere you have to try and survive through a field that is going at incredibly fast speeds. If you touch even the corner of another cube, then you are out for the count, which makes this game all the more challenging. If you have the patience and the reflexes, then this may be the game for you.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama was a classic Nintendo game that many of us enjoyed throughout our childhood. We have all experienced being scorned by Mama every time we made a mistake and now we can experience it free online. In the free browser version, you have to try and prepare a thanksgiving feast. This means that you have to prepare a turkey, cook vegetables and make sure it is a big success. Once you have finished, Mama will rate how you have done and will give you an overall score out of ten. You will be eager to please Mama and it will throw you right back to your childhood.

Bubble Shooter

If you are looking for a browser game that you don’t have to really think about, then Bubble Shooter is the perfect game for you. The concept is incredibly simple. You are given a collection of floating bubbles and one bubble that you are in control of. All that you need to do is match groups of four bubbles that are the same color, which will make them all pop. The aim is to get rid of as many bubbles as you can and you have to try not to be overwhelmed by the bubbles that you have already.


This is a great browser game for if you have someone else that you can play with. Once again, the concept is very simple. You are given a dotted page and you each take turns to put down a line. What you should aim to do is connect as many lines as you possibly can and make a square. The person with the most squares is the winner and the person who has the least is then the loser. This is good fun and will allow you to get very competitive with your loved ones.

This is an online game that you have already likely heard of. In this game, you play as a snake and what you have to do is try and collect food, which will enable your snake to grow. When you are doing this, you also need to avoid running into other snakes. Doing so will kill you and make you return to the size of a smaller snake. Your aim is to eat and kill and it is great fun for those of you out there with a competitive nature.


If you have ever played the card game Werewolf, then you are going to love Mafia. In this browser game, you play with people from all around the world. One of you is a murderer and every night you kill someone in the village. It is everyone else’s job to figure out who is the killer and kill them before they can take on everyone. If you manage to find the murderer, then the villagers win, but if you do not then the murderer takes the prize. This is great to play with a group of people and will offer hours of fun.

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