Why it is Important to Take Responsibility When It Comes to Using Tech

Why it is Important to Take Responsibility When It Comes to Using Tech

Technology has continued to change our lives in the 21st century for the better. Many things once thought impossible in bygone years are now attainable. Who knows, maybe in a few more decades trips to space will be as commonplace as walking down to the shops. However, just because tech has made our lives all the more easier, doesn’t mean we should forget about maintaining a degree of responsibility when we utilize it. Apprehensive would-be tech users are still plentiful: “How do I access my email? Are disposable vapes safe? Will robots take my job?” They all cry out for guidance, it falls onto the tech-pros in order to shoulder the responsibility and show them the right way.

Health and Safety

Advances in tech have made jobs such as construction and other manual labor a lot easier and more convenient. Although, it has also made these jobs more dangerous. Always have your wits about you when handling heavy machinery or new technology. It is not only your life at risk, but the others in your workforce. If you are in a managerial position, then without responsibility over the tech you employ, you could risk a severely reduced workforce. No job is worth losing your life over because of someone else’s irresponsibility. Research has shown that workers are more committed when a workplace enforces strong health and safety when it comes to technology. Consumers also want to buy products that they know have been sourced ethically; no one feels happy knowing that someone lost a finger so that they can get a new coat.

Manual labor requires a strong degree of responsibility in order to operate tech safely, however, you must also take responsibility over your health in office spaces. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is not good for you. Working the graveyard shift at your office can severely impact your sleeping pattern. The blue light which computers emit can keep you awake for longer; the responsible action is to investigate a night-time mode for your computer. Night-time mode reduces the amount of blue-light which your computer will emit, warm colors mean your brain is not stimulated as much. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another danger to look out for in your office space. Always take regular breaks from excessive typing, consider going on a walk for a spell in order to give your hands and brain a rest.

Expensive Equipment

If you’re in a field that gets access to brand new and expensive equipment, then the responsibility falls on you to look after it. Your job and your bank account may depend on it if no insurance is in place. On the set of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, a $500,000 IMAX camera was broken during one dynamic action scene. The crew on this set would have definitely benefited from a better understanding of tech responsibility. Luckily, for Hollywood that price is just a drop in the ocean. However, for you and your equipment, the consequences will be all the more real. Always watch your surroundings and ensure you have a tight grip on any tech you are given. We all can clumsily drop things once in a while, but you want to make sure that doesn’t happen while holding anything expensive. Consider effectively communicating that you have a strong grip on any tech you are being handed. Always watch where you place items and make sure there are no hazards around when transporting technology. Loose wires and cables can be a massive accident waiting to happen, always be on the lookout for potential problems.

Anti-Social Behaviors

When you and the family are gathered round for Christmas dinner, consider putting the tech away. Any tablets and smartphones might be best kept in pockets or stashed away, consider it your responsibility as a family to spend some quality time together. The online world won’t crumble away after a few hours of quality family time. We all can spend a bit too long engrossed in the latest gadget and tech that we get our hands on. But it is all the more important to appreciate the human and natural things in our life. While a new camera can come in handy when you’re walking through a scenic path, consider just living in that moment without any tech.


There is a vast amount of new technology that pops up everyday, however, we should not all fall victim to a shiny object syndrome and go chasing down the latest gadget. We should all keep a degree of responsibility over anything in our lives!

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