12 Of the Best Websites to Cure your Bordeom

Let’s face it, in the last year or so we have all reached points of boredom that we never thought were possible. For many of us, the last year has consisted of waiting indoors and hoping that we will get the go-ahead to go outside again. There are only so many movies that you can watch on Netflix and if you bring out the monopoly one more time you may never speak to your family ever again, so what can you do?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are 12 of the best websites to cure your boredom.



You have probably heard of this classic game as it became very popular a couple of years ago. This is an online version of the game snake where you can play online against real people. The goal is to become the biggest snake on the server and avoid those that are trying to kill you.

Jelly Match.3

If you love Candy Crush, then you will adore this game. The goal for Jelly Match is to match 3 pieces of jelly in order to rid them from your board. If this game seems fun to you, you can find a number of similar gratis spil, the free games on this Danish game site that you can play for free.


Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet and it has just about everything you could need to cure your boredom. If you want funny videos, Reddit has it, if you want some juicy gossip, Reddit has it. Every day thousands of brand new posts are added to the website and so every day you can find fresh content that will keep you entertained.


Youtube has been around since 2006 and since then the site has continued to evolve. Every day a brand new content creator logs onto the site and posts a video. There are videos of every genre, so depending on your personal interests or what you find entertaining, you are bound to find something to do. If you are really bored, you could even make your very own content to post to the site.

Guess my Thing

If you love Pictionary, then you will love Guess my thing. This online drawing application matches you with random groups of people all over the world and challenges you to guess what they are drawing. You get points for being the fastest guesser or for producing a legible drawing. This game is extremely fun, so if you are looking for something to do why not start here.


If you are someone that likes the idea of exploring the world but you do not have the money to do so, then we recommend that you try out Geoguesser. Geoguesser drops you in a random place in the world and from there you have to try and guess where in the world you are situated.

News of the Future

If you want a website that is a bit of fun, then you will love New of the Future. This site features random predictions of what the news may be in the future and what makes the site so fun is that many of its past predictions have actually come true. You can also make your own predictions on the site, so why not give it a try.

Wayback Machine

Do you miss how the internet used to be? Now you don’t have to, as you can use the Wayback Machine to remind yourself of all of the old websites that you used to love. The Wayback Machine has an archive of almost every page on the internet, so you can check out how much all of the sites you love have changed.

Free Rice

If you are bored, then why not use your spare time to help others. The Free Rice website asks you to answer a number of random trivia questions and for every question that you get right, they donate some rice to several locations throughout the world where hunger is a big problem. You could be spending your time doing some pointless activity, or you could help those who really need it.


If you are bored and you want to learn something, why not try out Duolingo?  Duolingo gives you the chance to learn a brand new language, all at your own pace. If you are someone that has never tried to learn a language before then don’t worry, as they have beginner’s options so you won’t find yourself stuck.

Radio Garden

If you have ever wondered what the radio stations around the world are like, then you will love Radio Garden. Radio Garden allows you to access radio stations from anywhere in the world, so you can get an idea of what music is hot around the world and what news is big in countries other than your own.

Live Kitten Cam

Everybody loves kittens. If you are among the millions of kitten fans throughout the world, then you must check out Live Kitten Cam. Live Kitten Cam gives you an insight into a cat rescue and there is a 24/7 live feed of the kittens going about their everyday lives. This website was set up with the intention of encouraging more people to adopt kittens and it seems to have worked, as many viewers fall in love with the cats.

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